Star Thistle Great Danes : How it all started

Hi, I'm Patty Lowther. I'm the breeder behind Star Thistle Great Danes located in California. I care deeply about Great Danes and breed to help ensure the health and future of these wonderful dogs. My goal is to ensure every dog that comes from my program is set up to live a happy and healthy life and is prepared for its future role when it leaves my care. I provide each of my pups with lots of socialization and love, and I am dedicated to maintaing responsible breeding policies.

I actively show my dogs and am a member of my local all breed club, Gavilan Kennel Club.

I started Star Thistle Great Danes in 2005. I have always loved the breed, how beautiful and noble they always looked. I have always wanted a Great Dane, even from my childhood and it took me years to finally convince my husband that we needed one. So in 2005 I got my very first Great Dane which was a fawn great dane named Isabella. 

What Star Thistle Great Danes has meant to me and my family

Animals have always brought me comfort and joy. Starting Star Thistle was a natural progression for me to share this joy and devotion with my kids and future Dane owners. I have made some wonderful friends along the way and have taught my kids the value of hard work and dedication. There is no greater joy then to see the smiles my Great Danes bring to people faces!